keystone gallery•Los Angeles, CA

february 2018

Slideshow photos by Stephen Levey

CURATED BY: Christine Rasmussen
EXHIBITING ARTISTS: Ching Ching Cheng, Shelley Heffler, Kim Marra, Hung Viet Nguyen & Christine Rasmussen

MEMORIES ON LOCATION features artwork that explores places and objects, real and imagined, that provide visual cues to connect one with the past. Color and texture are layered and mixed in a variety of ways to convey emotions and suggest locations. The viewer is invited to explore her or his own imagination and interpretation to unlock places, times and feelings from their own memory. 

Each of the selected artists has a personal story of moving, the common thread of transition - and absence of figures - connecting these works, even as the methods and media vary.  CHENG builds sculptures of analog cameras out of the pages of found books and old maps, while HEFFLER's Anthropocene paintings suggest topographical maps.  MARRA and RASMUSSEN each draw on architecture and fabric to evoke memories, with Marra referencing abstracted bits of building blocks from past homes, while Rasmussen's use of color and flattened spaces suggest nostalgia.  NGUYEN harkens back to the style of Oriental scroll paintings with meandering landscapes that lead the eye up and back through the canvas, while employing a contemporary use of color and texture. 


Walk-through of the show to promote the Curator Talk:

Time lapse video of installing the show with the assistance of my artist mom!