February 3 - March 3, 2018

Slideshow photos by C. Rasmussen, Chris Devlin and Shannon Amidon.

Solo show

FENOMENAL (2017-present), a series of paintings in oil on canvas, is about femininity as a force of nature—fearless, unfettered and unapologetic. Vibrant and dynamic disembodied garments hover and flow through austere urban landscapes where walls and fences constrain while windows and doors hint at opportunity. The spirited cloth shapes transcend all.

The dreamlike quality of the paintings "stretches past the paint itself, moving from observation into the abstract," reviews E.E. Jacks in Apero Catalogue. “The revelation uncoiling before the eyes is one that states the origin of this work lies somewhere beyond the obvious.”

Indeed, my exploration of femininity arises from my upbringing in three different countries. Inspired by Maya Angelou’s poem “Phenomenal Woman,” I embrace femininity beyond the boundaries of time, place or culture. Drawing us into the landscapes --  with their geometric patterns, the play of light and shadow and glimmers of something beyond -- we are captivated by the remains of an extraordinary presence.

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Photo credit: Stephen Levy

Photo credit: Stephen Levy


  • ART & CAKE: "The series was inspired by a Maya Angelou poem...there is that same pride and fierceness in Rasmussen’s work." (3/1/18)

  • POP ELLAY: “...draw you in and make you wonder what’s beyond. It ending a story with ‘and.’” (2/18/18)

  • ARTILLERY: "Rasmussen offers dream-like urban landscapes...filled with a wondrous light that vibrates with possibility." (2/8/18)

*Note: my show was paired opposite Holly Elander's solo show featuring two of her series.