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Imagery estate winery’s artist label program

I was selected to create an original painting to become a wine label for one of the unique wines made by Imagery Estate Winery, which is committed to “shine the spotlight on interesting varietals, wine rock stars that are all too often swallowed up in big blends.” The winemakers selected my painting for the 2016 Teroldego, which will be available to the public summer 2019.

Teroldego is a rare variety, not able to be grown successfully in very many places….Our Biodynamic Upper Ridge vineyard, where it is grown, is pretty special as well. It’s over 2000 feet elevation, at the top of the mountain. When they found the property they brought in Mark Greenspan from UC Davis to do a climatic study to determine which variety will grow best and where. 11 varieties of grapes are grown on this property and have consistently produced incredible wines year over year.
— Jamie Benzinger, Winemaker, Imagery Estate Winery
C. Rasmussen,  Beyond , 2017. Oil on canvas

C. Rasmussen, Beyond, 2017. Oil on canvas

apero interational fine art catalogue

My painting, Beyond, was selected to be featured in the November 2017 edition of this magazine.

Curator review:

This dramatic and lyrical piece, stretches past the paint itself, moving from observation into the abstract. Rasmussen emphatically delivers this visual flux, in a deliberate and striking way. Everything appears fully composed, yet unfurling. The revelation uncoiling before the eyes is one that states, the origin of this work lies somewhere beyond the obvious.
— EE Jacks, Curator

Modern art blitz, episode #63

My first-ever TV interview! Click button to watch it (warning: the intro music is LOUD).