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The Nothing That Is
to Jan 17

The Nothing That Is

Curated by artists Yaron Dotan and Christine Rasmussen, THE NOTHING THAT IS features 16 artists whose hand-crafted artwork responds to the growing isolation humans feel as they try to connect through technology - through glowing installations, contrived shadows, empty landscapes and fractured vessels.

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to Jul 1


This 2-person show pairs Kim Marra's abstracted geometric paintings with Christine Rasmussen's lyrical urban landscapes. Both artists collect visual information from the world around them, combining memories of past surroundings to illustrate spaces tangential to, but divorced from, reality. But the two oil painters, who share a studio at Keystone Art Space, each has her own unique visual language. • LEARN MORE

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Subject/Observer @ Keystone
to Jan 26

Subject/Observer @ Keystone


Curated by Noel Madrid

Opening Reception
Saturday, Jan. 19, 7-10PM

Keystone Gallery
338 S. Ave. 16, Los Angeles, CA 90041

Show runs: January 19-26
Gallery Hours: 12-5PM, Mon-Sat

Facebook Event

Subject/Observer is a group exhibition in which a selected group of artists create a chain of portraits using each other as their subjects. Pairings are selected at random, each artist serving as the subject for another’s portrait. Ultimately this project seeks to investigate the relationships and exchanges that take place when artists attempt understanding through the context of portraiture. Given the various nature of relationships between each artist and subject, a diverse body of work is inevitable. Unrestricted by method or medium, it is hoped that these works can bring into consideration questions of identity, both of the artist and subject, as well as the nature of information exchanged when creating a portrait.

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Wishlist 6 @ Gabba Gallery
7:00 PM19:00

Wishlist 6 @ Gabba Gallery

I’m pleased to have several paintings in Gabba Gallery’s annual cash-and-carry group show, opening on November 17. Show runs through December 22, but I encourage you to come to the opening to get first dibs!

C. Rasmussen - Available works at Gabba Gallery’s Wishlist 6 show. As photographed in artist’s studio.

C. Rasmussen - Available works at Gabba Gallery’s Wishlist 6 show. As photographed in artist’s studio.

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Open Studios @ Keystone
6:00 PM18:00

Open Studios @ Keystone

2018-11 Open Studios.png

Come see what I’ve been working on, add to your collection or even start your holiday shopping early! You’ll find me in STUDIO C14 with the orange & sea foam green door, along with the delightful Kim Marra.

Keystone Art Space features 45+ artist studios, open to the public biannually, plus a gallery space. Drinks & light snacks. Street parking, ride-share encouraged. Kid friendly.

P.S. I’m launching a book, more details coming soon, don’t miss out!

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Open Studios @ Keystone Art Space
6:00 PM18:00

Open Studios @ Keystone Art Space

I'll be showing new work in my new studio shared with Kim Marra, come visit us in Studio C14.

Keystone Art Space

338 S. Ave 16, Los Angeles, CA 90031

Come see where the magic happens! Over 40 professional artists will have their studios open to the public.  Kid friendly. Refreshments provided.

C. Rasmussen in her studio at Keystone Art Space, 2018

C. Rasmussen in her studio at Keystone Art Space, 2018

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to Feb 25

Memories on Location @ Keystone

Memories on Location_flyer1.png

Exhibition Dates: February 17 - 25, 2018
Curator Talk & Closing: Sunday, February 251:30-3:30PM (talk starts at 2PM)

VIEW PHOTOS of the Exhibition & Opening Reception

Memories on Location features artwork that explores places and objects, real and imagined, that provide visual cues to connect one with the past. Color and texture are layered and mixed in a variety of ways to convey emotions and suggest locations. The viewer is invited to explore her or his own imagination and interpretation to unlock places, times and feelings from their own memory. 

Each of the selected artists has a personal story of moving, the common thread of transition - and absence of figures - connecting these works, even as the methods and media vary.  CHENG builds sculptures of analog cameras out of the pages of books and old maps, while HEFFLER's Anthropocene paintings suggest topographical maps.  MARRA and RASMUSSEN each draw on architecture and fabric to evoke memories, with Marra referencing abstracted bits of building blocks from past homes, while Rasmussen's use of color and flattened spaces suggest nostalgia.  NGUYEN harkens back to the style of Oriental scroll paintings with meandering landscapes that lead the eye up and back through the canvas, while employing a contemporary use of color and texture. 

Christine Rasmussen

Ching Ching Cheng
Shelley Heffler
Kim Marra
Hung Viet Nguyen
Christine Rasmussen

LOCATION: Keystone Gallery - 338 S. Ave. 16, Los Angeles, CA 90031
SHOW DURATION: February 17 - 25, 2018
GALLERY HOURS: Monday - Saturday | 12-5PM
OPENING RECEPTION: Saturday, February 17 | 4-7PM
CURATOR TALK: Sunday, February 251:30-3:30PM (talk starts at 2PM)

Pictured (L to R): Shelley Heffler, Kim Marra, Ching Ching Cheng, Christine Rasmussen, Hung Viet Nguyen. Photo credit: Stephen Levey

Pictured (L to R): Shelley Heffler, Kim Marra, Ching Ching Cheng, Christine Rasmussen, Hung Viet Nguyen.
Photo credit: Stephen Levey

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6:00 PM18:00

Patterns @ Cactus Gallery


Opening Reception: Saturday, February 10 * 6p-9p
Show runs: February 10 - March 3, 2018
Gallery hours: Thursday-Saturday | 11AM-5PM & by appointment

Cactus Gallery is pleased to present PATTERNS - an exhibition of work which uses patterns in some way.  At its most basic, a pattern is a repetition, but patterns exist in nature, in cycles of the year, life and death, in light and words, and there are patterns of human or societal behavior. 


FEATURED ARTIST:  Lacey Bryant. PARTICIPATING ARTISTS: Murphy Adams, Jaclyn Alderete, Shannon Amidon, Ulla Anobile, Skye Becker-Yamakawa, Christine Benjamin, Lydia Rae Black, Andrea Bogdan, Michael Borja, Lauren Hana Chai, Joan Charles, Gigi Chen, Jon Ching, Nancy Cintron, Joshua Coffy, Katherine Dossman-Casalllas, Bob Doucette, Michele Guieu, Andre Hart, Annette Hassell, Benjamin Henderson, Mavis Leahy, Candace McKay, Malathip, Marni Manning, Avery Palmer, Kyle Pellet, Tania Pomales, Christine Rasmussen, Jenifer J Renzel, Francesca Rizzato, Chris Rodriguez, Joshua Roman and more.

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to Mar 3

Fenomenal @ Launch LA

Pictured: detail from  Inner Mystery  | 2018 | oil on canvas | 30x30 inches | $1600. 

Pictured: detail from Inner Mystery | 2018 | oil on canvas | 30x30 inches | $1600. 

LAUNCH LA proudly presents CHRISTINE RASMUSSEN: FENOMENAL. View the exhibition.

Saturday, February 3 | 6-9PM | View event photos

Saturday, February 17 | 1:30PM

February 3 - March 3, 2018

Thursday - Saturday | 12-6PM

My series FENOMENAL is about femininity as a force of nature—fearless, unfettered and unapologetic. Vibrant and dynamic disembodied garments hover and flow through austere urban landscapes where walls and fences constrain while windows and doors hint at opportunity. The spirited cloth shapes transcend all.

The dreamlike quality of the paintings "stretches past the paint itself, moving from observation into the abstract," writes E.E. Jacks of Apero Catalogue. “The revelation uncoiling before the eyes is one that states the origin of this work lies somewhere beyond the obvious.”

Indeed, my exploration of femininity arises from my upbringing in three different countries. Inspired by Maya Angelou’s poem “Phenomenal Woman,” I embrace femininity beyond the boundaries of time, place or culture. Drawing viewers into the landscapes – with their geometric patterns, the play of light and shadow and glimmers of something beyond – one is captivated by the remains of an extraordinary presence.

Inquiries to:
Address: 170 South La Brea Ave, Upstairs, Los Angeles, CA 90036
Also exhibiting in a concurrent solo show: HOLLY ELANDER.

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6:00 PM18:00

Tiny Treasures XII @ Cactus Gallery


Cactus Gallery presents "Tiny Treasures XII"
A cash-and-carry show featuring miniature artworks at affordable prices ($10-$150)...just in time for the holidays!

Opening: Saturday, November 18 | 6-9PM
Duration: Nov. 18 - Dec. 31, 2017
Gallery Hours: Thurs-Sat | 11AM-5PM & by appointment

Join the Facebook event.

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6:00 PM18:00

Open Studios @ Keystone

I am delighted to be a part of Keystone Art Space - a curated community of professional artists. Come see me in Studio B14 on Saturday Oct. 21, 6-10PM. Join the Facebook event.

There will be a group show in the Keystone Gallery, over 40 studios open to the public - a unique opportunity to meet the artists and to purchase their artwork directly - drinks and snacks. Bring friends!

There is limited parking in front of the building, as well as street parking on Albion and Ave. 17. We recommend that you carpool or take Lyft. The closest Metro station is Chinatown and is 1.2 miles away. 

2017.10.10 Open studios.png
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to Oct 1

5th Annual Coaster Show @ La Luz de Jesus Gallery

La Luz de Jesus Gallery presents The 5th Annual Coaster Show
September 1 - October 1, 2017

Opening Reception: Friday, Sept. 1st, 8-11 PM
Closing Party: Sunday, Oct. 1st noon-six PM

The Coaster Show 2017
It’s the Wooden Anniversary of the La Luz de Jesus Coaster Show. What started as a last minute substitution has grown into one of the most anticipated events of the LA Art Scene, now in its fifth year!

We’ve all done it. We’ve sat at the bar, drinking a beer and doodled on a coaster.

But most of us aren’t the extremely skilled painters, illustrators, animators, tattooists, sculptors or collage artists that are featured in this exhibition that takes a love of craft brewing and elevates it to high art.

We produced a custom canvas for some of our favorite gallery folks to do what they do best, and transform a 4″ tondo coaster into museum worthy exhibition pieces.

Whether you love beer or don’t, the art will blow your mind.

Contact Matt Kennedy, Gallery Director for availability and purchase info: (323) 666-7667 or email:

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1:00 PM13:00

Spacial Recognition @ Finishing Concepts

Finishing Concepts proudly presents SPACIAL/RECOGNITION

Reception: Saturday, August 26th 1-6pm

SPACIAL/RECOGNITION focuses on how architecture can shape and direct us in unseen ways.  Artists, who often work in non-traditional spaces, must grapple with how space, and changes to space, can affect the outcome of their work.  In this show, each artist explores the concept in a unique fashion, whether by challenging the traditional constraints of the rectangle, inhabiting three-dimensional space, or presenting the exploration of inner space in a profound manner.  SPACIAL/RECOGNITION contains pieces which touch and play with the space around them; they cut; they mimic; they assert.

“We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us.”
-    Winston Churchill

Featured Artists:
Brandon Barr
Brad Bernhardt
Mandy Lyn Ford
Randi Hokett
Julian Lombardi
Gregory Martin
Narsiso Martinez
Allison Peck
Christine Rasmussen
Kristine Schomaker
Stephanie Sherwood
Surge Wintron

For the inaugural exhibit at their new location in Monterey Park, Finishing Concepts invites the community to come experience the newly renovated space. The opening reception will be held on August 26th beginning at 1pm and is free to the public.  SPACIAL/RECOGNITION was collectively curated by Julian Lombardi, Stephanie Sherwood and Surge Wintron. 

Finishing Concepts Inc.  is a professional company who specializes in Custom Framing, Mounting, Lamination, Fabrication, Crating and Face Mounting Photography Art.

Finishing Concepts
1230 Monterey Pass Road, Monterey Park, CA 91754

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6:00 PM18:00

Midsummer Infinitum @ Keystone

Keystone Art Space
Group show and fundraiser benefitting Oliver Hess
Opening reception: JULY 8, 2017 6-8pm


Keystone friend, artist, and former tenant Oliver Hess and his wife Allison need your support! Oliver has been fighting an aggressive cancer, trying everything from chemo to stem cell replacement and immunotherapy. 

Midsummer Infinitum is a group show comprised of over 30 artists, including Oliver and Allison’s friends and colleagues, as well as former and current artists of Keystone Art Space. All of the artwork in the show has been donated by these artists in the hopes to help raise some much-needed funds.

Keystone has always strived to be a supportive environment for the artists that work within it. Oliver has always brought some next-level thinking and work into the fold. Help us honor Oliver’s spirit of collaboration and group-driven projects by joining us for the opening on Saturday July 8th.

All proceeds from gallery sales will go toward Oliver and Allison’s expenses as they continue to fight Oliver’s cancer. 

Artists include:
Nurit Avesar
Sasha Bell
Kerry Buchman
Carolyn Castaño
York Chang
Leonardo Chalupowicz
Douglas Felde
Gina Ferrari
Olivia Fougeirol
Verity Freebern
Salomon Huerta
Madeleine Ignon
Matt Jones
Karen Kang
Roy Kesrouani
Jay Lizo
Charles Long
Krista Machovina
Melanie Mandl
Taline Olmessakian
Marjam Oskoui
Ruby Osorio
Nancy Popp
Christine Rasmussen
D. J. Richardson
S. Lee Robinson
Connie Rohman
Juliana Sabinson
Cam Sanders
Lauren Scanlon
Sarah Staskauskas
Felis Stella
Dean Styers
Micke Tong
Jesse Vogel

Can't make it to the show? There are other ways you can help - one is a Gofundme campaign. Another is a Patreon page set up by Oliver and Allison. They are taking the whole experience of navigating this disease and treatment, and turning it into art and research. 

C. Rasmussen | Selections from my   Windows   series.  Each: 6"x6" | Oil on panel | Available individually or as a set.

C. Rasmussen | Selections from my Windows series. 
Each: 6"x6" | Oil on panel | Available individually or as a set.

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5:00 PM17:00

Cross Town Traffic Auction

Art Auction and Benefit: May 8 – June 17, 2017
Supporting Art Education at South Bay Contemporary, SoLA Gallery and Manhattan Beach Art Center

RECEPTION / Exhibition / Final Bids: Saturday, June 17, 5:00 -9:00 pm
at Manhattan Beach Art Center Gallery
1560 Manhattan Beach Blvd, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266
Public Welcome

I've donated this painting, "Hanging Over" (8x8 inches) to this auction. You can bid on it out online, or join me at the event on June 17. 

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6:00 PM18:00

Wine + Art: Benefit Show for CASA of LA

Wine + Art @ Werkartz

Pictured left:  C. Rasmussen |  On High  | 2016 | 8x8 inches | oil on canvas.

Pictured left: C. Rasmussen | On High | 2016 | 8x8 inches | oil on canvas.

I've donated my painting "On High" to this Benefit Auction with proceeds going to CASA of LA. Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) for Children is a nonprofit organization that advocates for abused and neglected children. 

CASA’s vision is a Los Angeles in which every foster child has an advocate and the opportunity to thrive.
— CASA of Los Angeles

The Wine + Art event is their main fundraiser of the year. Tickets are $50 each and include wine tasting, light fare and access to the auction. Go to for tickets and more information. 

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1:00 PM13:00

Pickles Galore: A Pop-Up Event

"Pickles Galore" at Lamperouge Gallery is a culmination show of my peer critique group featuring work by 9 artists.

Linda Vallejo

Sunday Feb. 12, 2017


Lamperouge Gallery
660 South Avenue 21 (Unit 6), Los Angeles, CA 90031

What's a "peer critique group"? Good question. This is a group of artists who get together and give constructive criticism about each other's art. This particular group is made up of LAAA/Gallery 825 members and meets once a month.

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6:00 PM18:00

OneArt: Artists for a Cure

C. Rasmussen |  Nostalgia  | 8 x 8 inches | Oil on canvas | available at auction

C. Rasmussen | Nostalgia | 8 x 8 inches | Oil on canvas | available at auction

I've donated my painting "Nostalgia" to this fundraiser benefitting the Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund (JDRF) which helps the lives of children and adults with type one diabetes. 

Tickets are $85 available here.

The evening is chaired by KTLA Morning News anchor Frank Buckley and his wife, Elena Pearce Buckley, and will benefit JDRF, the global leader in type 1 diabetes research. 

Saturday, Feb. 4
Arena 1 Gallery in Santa Monica

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5:00 PM17:00

Bold Beauty: Artist Talk

The show Bold Beauty “honors the bold beauty of femininity. Strong. Smart. Pretty. Sexy. Ageless beauty.” This Artist Talk will be a chance to meet the four featured artists, hear about their influences and techniques, and ask questions. 

Saturday January 7,  2017

Christine Rasmussen
Mara Zaslove
Miki Berman
Nicole Fournier

Pilates & Arts
1844 Echo Park Ave., Los Angeles, CA  90026


November 19, 2016 – January 25, 2017
*Hours vary; contact venue.

I'm showing new work from my Flawless series. Read about how I went from Flawless to Bold Beauty here

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to Jan 10

Blank Canvas Benefit Show for UCPLA

  • Washington Reid Gallery (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS


100% of proceeds from this Annual Benefit Show go to support the programs at the UCPLA (United Cerebral Palsy of LA). UCPLA offers over 40 programs and services across five counties in Southern California for adults with disabilities.

December 10, 2016 | 6-9PM

-Enjoy art and music
-Catering by Bread & Butter (

-Drinks provided

Robert L. Looker & Casie N. Kesterson

-Seong Chon
-Colin H. Clark (filmmaker)

COASTER ARTISTS – Curated by Christine Rasmussen
Christine Rasmussen, Clara Berta, Eric Hamm, Nancy Armitage, Nancy Spiller, Peter Dalton, Rebecca Bangs, Stephanie Sherwood & Tim Dilbeck

Dec. 10, 2016 – Jan. 10, 2017
Regular Gallery Hours: Mon-Fri, 10AM-4PM

6110 W. Washington Blvd., Culver City, CA 90232

*Parking on Washington Blvd; please no residential parking.*

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to Jan 25

Bold Beauty


*Show extended to January 25, 2017*
View photos from the Opening Reception here.
Contact me to set up a viewing. 

Honoring the bold beauty of femininity. Strong. Smart. Pretty. Sexy. Ageless beauty.

Christine Rasmussen
Mara Zaslove

Miki Berman
Nicole Fournier

ARTIST RECEPTION - November 19, 2016
7 - 10PM - Mix & mingle, enjoy cava mojitos & refreshments, view art
8PM - Meet and greet the artists with brief Q&A
8:30PM - Live music by Anacrusa L.A. featuring Chuck 'n Annie
9:30PM - raffle drawing


Nov. 19, 2016 - Jan. 25, 2017

Pilates & Arts is a pilates & dance studio whose owner, Tannis Kobrinsky, supports local artists by hosting regular group art shows.  This event will also celebrate the 5 year anniversary of Pilates & Arts!  

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to Nov 21

She Was Just a Dream

  • Washington Reid Gallery (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

UPDATE - View exhibition photos!

Join me in the Project Space at Washington Reid Gallery for my 2-person show "She Was Just a Dream" featuring original art by LA artists CHRISTINE RASMUSSEN & DALE RILEY.

I will be exhibiting some brand new paintings in my She Was Just A Dream series, which is about memory, loss & illusion. 

Saturday, October 22, 2016
6 p.m. - 9 p.m.
View photos from the event

October 22 - November 21, 2016

"Art: Perception & Appreciation"
by Maria Mears & Sylvia Drzewiecki

The UCPLA Washington Reid Gallery and adjoining Washington Place Adult Day Program supports a vigorous community of working artists with a variety of developmental challenges, such as Autism, cerebral palsy, and Down syndrome, whose perspective is vital within the contemporary art world. 


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6:00 PM18:00

LA Artcore @ Angel City Brewery

Well this is fun - an art show at brewery!  I love Angel City Brewery's IPA, so looking forward to this.  Show curated by Diane Williams & Sheli Silverio though Artshare LA and runs Oct. 8-Nov 3. So stop by, grab a beer, visit the food truck and enjoy the talent!

October 13, 2016
RSVP on Facebook

DTLA Art Walk is also this night. 

October 8 - November 3, 2016

C. Rasmussen | Deconstruction | Oil on canvas | 30 x 24 inches | $900

C. Rasmussen | Green City | Oil on canvas | 36 x 24 inches | $1080

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