Art shows beating the heat around Austin 4: Multiplicity

Multiplicity: Photography by Malia Moss @ UP Collective, opening TOMORROW - August 11  

Opening reception Sat. Aug. 11, 7-10PM. Open to the public, find out more.

I've already had a sneak preview to the show, so I can vouch for it. Having recently seen some not-so-impressive photography, I have been a bit jaded about young people's photography, but Malia's work is a breath of fresh air. I think this is partly due to her commitment to her very time-consuming and painstaking process of digital manipulation which could very easily become stale and/or mundane, yet it doesn't.  Her use of one subject, whether it be an animal or a human, repeated dozens of times in the same setting becomes a kind of story-telling, albeit a strange one.  By placing herself, just once, in each photograph Malia becomes the omniscient narrator to these tales.

I didn't know when I first saw this series that they were about living with chronic anxiety, but when I found that out I saw how completely Malia has created a sense of anxiety in each frame.

Lastly, I have to add a shout-out to UP Collective, the host of this show. If you haven't been yet, you should. UP is becoming a happening place to view some really amazing emerging artists; and if you have been before, you'll be blown away by the new gallery floors! Hope to see you there.


If I Could Dance and Other Tales: LAST CHANCE to see my work at Jerry's Artarama

Show comes down Monday, Aug. 13th, so go check it out.