Luck is the Residue of Design

I was excitedly telling a good friend about a new venture I'm embarking on, and she quoted me these lines: 

This gave me pause. There have been several moments in my life where I have felt incredibly lucky, and have expressed this. But upon hearing the quote, I looked back at a couple of these instances, and I can understand what Branch Rickey* means.

For example, only when I stopped looking for love did it find me - quite literally. After having spent most of my college career (privately) lamenting my lack of a boyfriend, I spent my last semester focusing on my painting and my own emotional well being** and stopped giving much thought to boys. One month after graduation, I met my future partner at a friend's party and gave him my number. Six years later, I'm still in the most amazing relationship. Had I met my guy 6 months earlier, I have no doubt that the outcome would have been totally different, for a variety of reasons. Some might call this fate, but I can also see how only when I dropped my desperation at not having a boyfriend was I able to blossom into a more confident (and mature!) person who attracted the attention of this amazing man - and held it. As he has mine. 

Right now I'm feeling "lucky" to be pursuing my art as a career - something my high school art teacher might have predicted, but I certainly didn't. I feel "lucky" to be living in the great metropolis of Los Angeles, and at a time when I'm finally embracing my "urban landscape" moniker - this city has too much to offer in terms of inspiration for me to worry about being "just another urban landscape painter." If that's what I am, so be it. And I feel "lucky"...scratch that - I actually feel grateful for my past work experience in administration, operations, communications and event planning. All these "day jobs" have taught me skills that continue to come in useful daily as I run my own business - in a creative field, with creativity. I could say, what an amazing coincidence! Or, I could acknowledge that where I am today is actually a result of my past life and work experience, working for my benefit - who I am and what I'm doing in this moment - without me consciously knowing it. Now that I am a little tuned in, I feel like my intentional decisions and actions can be made and taken with more confidence; more "design," if you will. 

I can't wait to see what happens next! I'm feeling lucky ;)

*I'm not a baseball fan so I had no idea who Branch Rickey was, but it turns out he was an MLB executive who, among other things, broke the color line by signing Jackie Robinson. 
**I began seeing a therapist, which completely changed my life.