Rotating art for Summer Entertaining

One of the perks of being an artist - I always have art to rotate through my house every time I’m entertaining guests. Makes for a good storage solution between exhibitions too:)

Cheers to lazy days of summer & sippin’ on a cool beverage!


August 18: Imagery Winery Gallery Day

Wine and art, you say? Heard that one before. BUT, this time I made an original painting for the label of an exceptional wine by Imagery Estate Winery. And trust me - this limited-edition red wine from Sonoma is delicious!

The 2016 Teroldego - a rare Italian grape that I’m happy to know about now - will be released on August 18. You can learn more about it (from the wine-makers) and more about ME (from, well, me) as I will be on-site for their Gallery Day. I’ll be signing bottles, so come on by and get yours.

Not local? You’ll be able to buy it online (under reds) after the release date.


Loupe Art Streaming

My art is being streamed on Loupe - a visual art player, where you can “DISCOVER, DISPLAY AND BUY ARTWORK FROM AROUND THE GLOBE!”

Click here to explore, stream and/or shop the collection - including prints - so there are options for everybody’s budget.

Streaming art was a new concept for me - I’d love to know how you use it and what you think.

Agglomeration @ Keystone Gallery

Wow! I’m so proud of this show that my wonderful studio mate Kim Marra and I put on last month, and the immensely positive reception of the work just goes to show that we’re on to something! Click the button to see more photos and read all about our show.

Kim Marra & Christine Rasmussen at Keystone Art Space.
Christine Rasmussen & Kim Marra at Keystone Art Space

Bright, billowy clouds

I feel like I’m moving into new territory with this painting. Not only in scale - at 4 feet by 5 feet it is impressive! - but also because of those bright, billowy clouds. I work from photos I take, and so much of the year Los Angeles is blue skies, casting the most amazing light. But sometimes I miss clouds - almost as much as I miss rain and thunderstorms! - and we were blessed this springtime with some amazing ones:)

I could talk a lot more about this painting - including how that pink wall wasn’t really pink, but was inspired by some color palettes I saw in the 1/4 exhibit of Robert Rauschenberg at LACMA - talk about large-scale! But I’d love to know what you think about this piece, any questions you have, comments welcome!

Currently on view at Keystone Gallery through July 1.

C. Rasmussen, Ave. 20, oil on canvas, 48 x 60 inches

C. Rasmussen, Ave. 20, oil on canvas, 48 x 60 inches

Open Studios - June 9 - Studio C14

I moved into a new studio in April, sharing with the talented Kim Marra. Our work compliments each other and it's been such a joy to have her energy and inspiration in the studio. We invite you to join us on SATURDAY JUNE 9, 6-10PM as we open our door wide. EVENT DETAILS

studio c14.png

We'll be one of 45+ studios open at Keystone Art Space. 

C. Rasmussen in her Los Angeles studio, 2018.

C. Rasmussen in her Los Angeles studio, 2018.

Kim Marra in her Los Angeles studio, 2018

Kim Marra in her Los Angeles studio, 2018

Feature on Voyage LA

I got interviewed in Voyage LA, as part of their series An Artist Voyage: Exploring Local Creative and Artist Works. Check it out here

C. Rasmussen, Los Angeles, 2017. Photo credit: Louise Flores. 

C. Rasmussen, Los Angeles, 2017. Photo credit: Louise Flores. 

I love this photo by the talented Louise Flores. It's on the same street as my studio - you can see where I get some of my painting inspirations from - and we staged it with the red cloth to mimic one of my paintings! 

Exhibition Photos: Fenomenal

Click photo to view album of my solo show, Fenomenal, at LAUNCH LA. Last day to see it is tomorrow, March 3, 12-6PM. 

Photo credit: C. Rasmussen

Photo credit: C. Rasmussen

Here's me talking about my process, inspirations & color palette at the Artist Talk on Feb. 17:

Photo credit: Krista Machovina

Photo credit: Krista Machovina

Wine Label for Imagery Estate Winery

Last year I was invited to create a label for Imagery Estate Winery's prestigious Artist Label Program.

C. Rasmussen |  Floating Away  | 2017 | oil on canvas. For Imagery's 2016 Teroldego wine.

C. Rasmussen | Floating Away | 2017 | oil on canvas. For Imagery's 2016 Teroldego wine.

This winery began in the 1980s as a collaboration between a wine maker, Joe Benzinger, and an artist, Bob Nugent.  They agreed that as Joe experimented with rare and innovative blends, Bob would create beautiful and interesting labels. Soon, Bob began selecting other artists to participate, and over the past 30 years he curated a collection including artist from all of the world.  

The artists are given free range, with the exception that they have to include the Parthenon structure somewhere on the label. Often this becomes a game, connoisseurs in the know searching to locate the hidden building. Read the history here

Bob Nugent retired recently, and the new curator, Kara Lynae, is now beginning a collection in which my painting will be featured. The winery has a gallery where they display the original works for wine tasters to enjoy at their leisure. 

My painting was selected to adorn the 2016 Teroldego, which will be released in summer 2019. Keep an eye out for updates!