Agglomeration @ Keystone Gallery

Wow! I’m so proud of this show that my wonderful studio mate Kim Marra and I put on last month, and the immensely positive reception of the work just goes to show that we’re on to something! Click the button to see more photos and read all about our show.

Kim Marra & Christine Rasmussen at Keystone Art Space.
Christine Rasmussen & Kim Marra at Keystone Art Space

Open Studios - June 9 - Studio C14

I moved into a new studio in April, sharing with the talented Kim Marra. Our work compliments each other and it's been such a joy to have her energy and inspiration in the studio. We invite you to join us on SATURDAY JUNE 9, 6-10PM as we open our door wide. EVENT DETAILS

studio c14.png

We'll be one of 45+ studios open at Keystone Art Space. 

C. Rasmussen in her Los Angeles studio, 2018.

C. Rasmussen in her Los Angeles studio, 2018.

Kim Marra in her Los Angeles studio, 2018

Kim Marra in her Los Angeles studio, 2018

StARTup Art Fair: Video & Photos from Room 321

The StARTup Art Fair was an exhilarating success! Over the course of the 3-day art fair, my fellow exhibitor, Shannon Amidon, and myself gave away hundreds of cards and talked to close to a thousand people about our art. Here's a video of our room on Day 1:

The Fair takes place at Hotel del Joie in the Marina District of San Francisco. It was a gorgeous, sunny weekend, which helped bring out a record number of attendees. We transformed our regular hotel suite into a gallery by moving all the furniture, papering the walls, bringing additional lights and hanging our work without nails - it's magic! It was a lot of work, but well worth it. You can see a big of our process in this slideshow:

I couldn't have asked for a better exhibition partner! We were honored to have both been selected off our joint exhibition proposal, Seeking Harmony, a theme which really resonated with many of our audience. 

Shannon Amidon & Christine Rasmussen at StARTup Art Fair, San Francisco, 2017. 

Shannon Amidon & Christine Rasmussen at StARTup Art Fair, San Francisco, 2017. 

Oh yes, and we got some press coverage too:

I'll be posting more about the couple of new series I debuted at the event soon, so stay tuned.

You can purchase Shannon's work here and mine here.

Pickles Galore: Pop-Up Show on Sunday 2/12


What does "Pickles Galore" mean anyway? Answer: absolutely nothing. Here's how my fellow exhibiting artists and I came up with the name - we all wrote two random words on pieces of paper, put them in a hat, and picked out various combinations. I guess we were in a silly mood that day, because the best combination was "Pickles Galore."


This show features 9 artists who I have been meeting with once a month for the past year in a Peer Critique Group. What's a "peer critique group"? Good question. This is a group of artists who gets together and gives constructive criticism about each other's art. This particular group is made up of LAAA/Gallery 825 members.


The show is curated by the fantastic Linda Vallejo, who is picking the work tomorrow, so we'll all be surprised on Sunday! 

Come join us!

Click here to RSVP at the Facebook event. This show is free and open to the public.