The Perfect Picnic Spot

I've had FOUR different studios since moving to LA 2.5 years ago (!). I was starting to feel like the bears in that children's book The Bears’ Picnic by Stan & Jan Berenstain who are seeking the "perfect" picnic spot and being continually thwarted. (*Spoiler alert:* They end up having a picnic right back at home where they started - years before the term "stay-cation" was coined!).

Here's a slideshow of my various studios: 

C. Rasmussen | A slideshow of my "LA Studio Hop,” 2016-18.

I'm happy to report that I've found my studio "home" at Keystone Art Space, where I've been for a year now. In April I moved into a new, bigger studio in the same building that I share with the delightful abstract painter Kim Marra.

Scroll through these photos of our Studio C14: 

I know this is the perfect spot for me. I love sharing my studio with Kim, whose work compliments mine - as many visitors noted at our Open Studios on June 9. Keystone has a wonderful community of professional artists who all inspire and encourage me to be a better artist. I'm reminded how important it is to surround oneself with people who make one thrive

MISSED OPEN STUDIOS? Contact me to schedule a studio visit.