Spacial Recognition at Finishing Concepts

Join me on Saturday for the Opening Reception of SPACIAL/RECOGNITION!  A group art show presented by Finishing Concepts at their new gallery space in Los Angeles's Monterey Park.

SPACIAL/RECOGNITION focuses on how architecture can shape and direct us in unseen ways. Artists, who often work in non-traditional spaces, must grapple with how space, and changes to space, can affect the outcome of their work. In this show, each artist explores the concept in a unique fashion, whether by challenging the traditional constraints of the rectangle, inhabiting three-dimensional space, or presenting the exploration of inner space in a profound manner. SPACIAL/RECOGNITION contains pieces which touch and play with the space around them; they cut; they mimic; they assert.

We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us.
— Winston Churchill

Exhibiting artists:
Brandon Barr
Brad Bernhardt
Mandy Lyn Ford
Randi Hokett
Julian Lombardi
Gregory Martin
Narsiso Martinez
Allison Peck
Christine Rasmussen
Stephanie Sherwood
Kristine Schomaker
Surge Wintrön