Why I'm Excited to Be in an Art Fair

As you know, in just a short couple of weeks I will be exhibiting at the StARTup Art Fair in San Francisco, April 28-30. Some people have been asking me, "What is an Art Fair?" or "What's the big deal?" So here's a quick rundown of what it all means. 

What is an Art Fair?

An art fair is basically a trade show. Typically, galleries and art institutions set up booths and display artwork by the artists they represent. The main point of an art fair is to sell artwork, but also to discover the latest and greatest in contemporary art, so these events are usually well-attended by collectors, gallerists and art professionals. There are often performances and/or panel discussions in conjunction with the fair. 

Why StARTup Art Fair?

StARTup Art Fair is unique in that it's specifically designed for independent artists. That means that the artists are not currently represented by a gallery, but can gain exposure, put their work in front of curators, gallerists and other art professionals who attend the Fair, and build their collector base while keeping 100% of the sales. Sounds too good to be true, really, but when you read the story of how the 2 founders - an artist and a gallery director - joined forces to create this unique experience, it starts to make sense.  

This Fair is juried, meaning that you have to submit an application and be selected to participate. This year the San Francisco jury* selected 54 artists out of a record number of applicants, so I'm thrilled to have been included. See full list of artists here

*The StARTup Art Fair also takes place in Los Angeles and Chicago.

Other Cool Things about StARTup Art Fair

1) Rooms instead of Booths - StARTup Art Fair takes place at a hotel, and I don't mean in the conference room. The Fair takes over the entire hotel, and instead of traditional white wall booths, artists are given a hotel room to transform into a unique exhibition for the 3 days. Guests can wander through the entire hotel, stopping in at whichever rooms catch their eye! My colleague Shannon Amidon and I are sharing Room 321 with a theme of Seeking Harmony - read about our concept here

2) Art Conversations - on Saturday and Sunday there are a series of panel discussions around different topics for both artists and collectors. If you can't make it, they also will be recording them via Facebook Live, so you can tune in or catch up via their Facebook Page

Buy Your Tickets!

Can't wait to come check us out? Buy your tickets today! Can't make it in person? Check out the Fair's online art store.*

*Note: sizes are in centimeters, and it's a little hard to search it, but you can always make an inquiry about my art by contacting me directly. I will be posting new work over the next couple of weeks.