Maybe painting is really pondering

You think about a lot of things when you are painting. Maybe painting is really pondering...One thing is for sure though, you resolve a lot of things which aren’t always on the canvas in front of you.
— Leith O'Malley
C. Rasmussen | Studio at night

C. Rasmussen | Studio at night

As you can observe from this recent photo of my studio, sometimes I like to work at night. I know traditionally painters should work in natural daylight, but at times I like the starkness of artificial light. It does something interesting to my work.

Plus, the world is always more still at night, more reflective; something I learned in university, during my frequent all-nighters in the studio. I spent a lot of time pondering, in all those hours of painting. Learning my craft, learning myself, learning things about the world...

C. Rasmussen |  In Between  | 2016 | Oil on canvas | 8x8 inches | On view at  Pilates & Arts , March 18 - May 13, 2017

C. Rasmussen | In Between | 2016 | Oil on canvas | 8x8 inches | On view at Pilates & Arts, March 18 - May 13, 2017

The search isn't over, of course! Painting continues to be a source of contemplation for me; a constant conundrum, but also a meditation. I channel my anxiety through it, and can come out of an intense painting session sore of muscle, but relaxed of mind. What a powerful force! And I'm not alone in this deep communing with my art:

...the making of art is a kind of map for the journey of life...God is dreaming through me...the art-making process heals me. When others see it, it heals them.
— David Ferrando

From time to time, someone declares, "Painting is dead." It is hard for me to ever imagine the death of this activity that intertwines with my own dreams and gives me life, comfort and joy. So I defiantly cry, "Paint on!"