Artist As Writer

Ever wake up one day and realize that you're totally neglecting some aspect of your job? That's how I feel today - I just realised that although I've been enjoying writing and editing for several projects recently, I've been neglecting my own blog.

I went through a phase of "micro-blogging" with my Instagram posts, and I've been guest blogging for (read my first of a 6-part series on Branding Basics for Artists here). In addition, I'm applying for several opportunities - eg. artist residencies, grants, exhibition proposals - that require written statements, project proposals, etc.  So basically, I've been writing a lot; which I love!

While my main creative outlet will always be painting, I actually really enjoy writing. People don't often associate visual artists as having a good relationship with words, but I guess I'm one of the few. It's refreshing to shake it up sometimes and use a different part of my brain to problem solve and be creative. So back to blogging it is. 

Do you have something like that in your job? An auxiliary task to your main job description that allows you to get out of the daily grind, sparks new ideas, refreshes you to return to your main tasks? Share in the comments below. 

P.S. I'm also a bookworm, and get inspiration from fiction writers. I often listen to audiobooks in my studio. A few favorite authors at the moment are Neil Gaiman, Tana French and Barbara Kingsolver. It's not that I want to become a novelist; rather, I want to make paintings that make people feel like I feel when I read their books:)