Inspiration from Word Cloud

A couple months back I asked a few of my fans to give me a word or phrase that described my artwork. I combined all the answers into the word cloud below.

WHY DID I DO THIS? I took a seminar over the winter and the instructor suggested this exercise to help us come up with good descriptive words to create a catchy and memorable intro. He suggested we ask lots of other people for their gut responses to our work, because sometimes we artists describe our own work how we want it to appear, but not how it actually appears to the rest of the world.

It was a truly revealing - and helpful - experience. For example, at the time I didn't think of myself as an "urban landscape" painter, but several people used that phrase (that's why it's bigger in the word cloud), and I realised that it's kind of true.  I was also really touched by words like "gutsy", "determined" and "thoughtful". Some of the phrases made it into my artist statement (an ever-evolving affair). I highly recommend other artists to do this exercise, it certainly gives you a boost. 

Thanks again to all those who contributed!