Limiting Beliefs to Liberating Actions

Ever get that feeling that you're the only one holding yourself back?


I do. More so in the last couple of weeks due to what I've been told are "limiting beliefs." Luckily, in recognizing that I have these, I can change them!

For example, my complaint that my studio is too small. Well, guess what? I decided that I'm lucky to have a studio at all, so I brought in a shelf, rearranged, and ta-da! My space is much more functional now, and as a result, I am now working on 4 paintings simultaneously! Changing my attitude, and the space, have allowed my creative juices to get flowing again.

Even more unexpected - this allowed me to finally do something about this painting I've been secretly loathing for months. I've been stashing it away in the corner and using it as a reminder of my failures when I'm feeling particularly vindictive towards myself. The other day I decided that this monster in the corner is doing me no good, so I went ahead and painted over it! Now I'm starting something new on this lovely yellow background. Phew! So liberating!

Have a limiting belief or monster in the corner? What are you going to do about it?