Work in Progress: First Painting of 2016

It's already more than halfway through January, and I'm still writing "2015" and having to correct myself, sigh. None-the-less, here's a behind-the-scenes peak at my first piece of the new year - 2016, that is.  To get me warmed up, I started by fulfilling a commission request from someone who liked my Windows series, but wanted a painting from their own travel photos; in this case from a trip to Spain. 

C.Rasmussen.  Room with a View, Spain. 2016 . Oil & acrylic on canvas. 6x6inches.

C.Rasmussen. Room with a View, Spain. 2016. Oil & acrylic on canvas. 6x6inches.

So how did I go about painting this scene? I started off on a canvas that I had already painted a dark gray color with some texture in acrylics.  Then I taped off the edges with the basic archway shape so that I could paint the landscape view, in oils. 

Next,  I added the archway itself, painting over part of the landscape to make the illusion of looking through more complete (photo is shiny because paint is wet). 

I waited for the greenery in the bottom of the painting to dry before beginning to paint the bannister on top of it. 

Finally, I added the cross-hatching on the bannister and some highlights on the archway. And that's how you make a small painting.