Update on 50|50 Show: Week 7 + 1

Well folks, I did it! Monday was Day 50 of my 50|50 project, and I completed the final 8 paintings on time. Here's roughly what the final installation will look like (number 50 is on the right-hand side):

The installation will be displayed at Sanchez Art Center in Pacifica Aug 28-Sept 20 - more details coming soon! All paintings are for sale ($55 each, with 10% off if you buy 2 or more) - contact me if you're interested in pre-sales.

For Week 7, I painted scenes from Pakistan. I want to note that although I spent my first 14 years of life there, all of the source photos for this project are from 2 trips I took to Pakistan in 2004 and 2007. It's funny how when you live in a place, it's just home so you don't really document it in photos (at least, not before smart phones). But then when you go back to visit, suddenly everything looks different and you want to capture as much as possible with the camera lens. 

Week 7: Pakistan

Number 50 - Guam. This may seem random and in a way it is. But Guam was the last big trip I took before starting this project. I really wanted to include it even though I didn't get enough photos of windows to paint a full week of this location (it's a small place). Does the image seem familiar? Before starting this project I did a couple of test paintings in acrylics, and this was one of the images I used for that.

Confession: I couldn't get the luminosity in the green for the leaves that I wanted using cadmium yellow light with ultramarine blue. So for this final piece I broke out of my 5 color palette and traded the yellow for Hansa yellow light, which worked out much better:) 

Number 50: Guam