New work up for June show at City Art Gallery

Show is hung and ready for you to check out at City Art Cooperative Gallery in San Francisco!
Dates: June 2-28
Opening Reception: June 5, 7-10PM. Join the event on Facebook
Regular Gallery Hours: Wed-Fri 12-9PM, Sat & Sun 11am-10PM

My wall and a couple close-ups of the smaller paintings, done in acrylics as practice for the 50|50 show I've been accepted into (more details coming soon!): 

About these paintings: 

I like painting urban landscapes because buildings seem more stable than I am.  I’ve moved over a dozen times in 28 years, and find solace and peace in the meditative action of painting details such as fences and wooden slats.

I’m also intrigued by spaces that  keep us in or out (separate, as it were), but we can also look through; for example, a window, a fence or a fire escape. 

The interaction between nature and architecture also interests me. 
I love playing with color, light and shadow. 

The recurring red, crumpled garment in some of these paintings is a visual metaphor that I’m 
exploring about things (tangible and not) left behind. 

I use painting as a type of storytelling - come to the show and tell me what stories can you see in these.