5 Weird Habits of Successful People

In my quest to become a better business woman, I've been doing research and trying to find tips from various people smarter than myself. An interesting infographic I came across recently is: 5 Weird Habits of Successful People.

I think I've got #1 down just fine; I use that all the time for planning work for shows and application deadlines. I'm also now trying to apply it to the strategic plan I'm working on - visioning out to where I see myself in 3,5, 10 years, and then working backwards from there to see what steps I need to take. This kind of thinking makes perfect sense to me.

Now I'm trying to work on numbers 2-5, especially #5 - learning how to say "no" more often than I say "yes"! This seems counter intuitive to me in some ways because I like to take opportunities as they come and be open to the universe. But I realize that that has distracted me a lot over the last several years, and I really do need to learn how to focus a little bit more and begin to decipher which opportunities are directly related to my goals.