Reflections One Year On

One year ago last Thursday, I had my opening reception for my Flawless show at Los Gatos Beauty Bar. 

Postcard I designed for the event.  Left:   Cinderella (  prints available ).  Right:   Hula (  prints available ). 

Postcard I designed for the event. Left: Cinderella (prints available). Right: Hula (prints available). 

It was quite the party! I brewed some beer and had a raffle with prizes ranging from limited edition prints to hair supplies. Friends and fans hung out to check out the 17 new paintings on display. 


That was a watershed moment for me. It kicked off this amazing year of being a full-time artist. I've made myself a list to remind myself of how far I've come in a year - from finishing 80 paintings to participating in 16 shows, including being selected for the 50|50 Show at Sanchez Art Center - but suffice it to say that I am so thankful for all the people I've met and all of the opportunities that have come out of taking the leap to pursuing a career I love. I'm having a blast!

Who would have guessed that an art show at a hair salon could yield so much? 

Left:   All Out of Bubble Gum  ( original available ).  Middle:   Bookworm  ( prints available ).  Right:   Maleficent  ( request prints ).

Left: All Out of Bubble Gum (original available). Middle: Bookworm (prints available). Right: Maleficent (request prints).