Featured Artist: Talavera-Ballon

Another artist who's been inspiring me lately - Talavera-Ballon (www.talavera-ballon.com). Originally from Peru and now based in San Francisco, he's a painterly painter. Let me explain: in a region increasingly dominated by tech & design, Talavera-Ballon's paintings are a breath of fresh air - messy, moody, unapologetically full of feeling. Sticking to the basics (oil paint, canvas, brushes) his textured and colorful paintings reminds one of one's humanity, and the innate need for relationships & community across social boundaries.

Regrasanda a Ryan Pata  by  Talavera-Ballon . 

Regrasanda a Ryan Pata by Talavera-Ballon

I also like the playfulness of his wonky architecture, and the aura his colors being to each piece. I feel like his paintings are a celebration of real life - the small moments, the quiet ones, recognizing both moments of work and of leisure as legitimate parts of the human experience. 

Visit his Facebook artist page to find out where you can see him and his work at various events this fall, including a live painting demo TONIGHT at the De Young Museum! I also really enjoyed reading more about Talavera-Ballon's inspiration and his message in this article: Read Between the Strokes - Surviving as an Artist in San Francisco

Cabo Blanco  by  Talavera-Ballon . 

Cabo Blanco by Talavera-Ballon