Maleficent intentions on Halloween

Happy Halloween! I'm sure many of you are out there discovering your evil side for this odd holiday, so I thought I'd share a tidbit from my painting Maleficent



Did you know that Maleficent isn't just a clever name? Until I made this piece, I actually thought it was - “mal” being the Latin (and hence, Spanish) word for bad, cleverly mixed with “magnificent”, which clearly she thinks she is. But no, maleficent is actually a word defined as:

Working or productive of harm or evil

Try using that in a sentence. 

I actually haven't seen the Angelina Jolie movie of that name yet, and I haven't even seen the Disney version of Sleeping Beauty in eons, but I couldn't resist using this title because it's such a fantastic name for a bad guy (or rather, girl). And don't we all secretly want to be bad and powerful? I also love the look of the thorns, and had fun painting those.