Cinderella in the corner

First painting of 2014 in my newly renamed "Flawless" series. 


The title, Cinderella, came from thinking about how (in the Disney version at least) all Cinderella needs to attain her dream of attending a ball and meeting the man of her dreams is a dress. Yup, that's it - a dress. I think a lot of girls are fed this message and encouraged in their pursuits of beauty on that one special day - whether it's their quinceañera, prom or that most special of days, the wedding day. But what comes after the "happily ever after"? 

I chose to put Cinderella in the corner because I think only aspiring to be the most beautiful or to have the "perfect day" is a dangerous idea. It may work out for some women, but I think this kind of thinking leads to limited opportunities – not that a woman will be trapped with no way out (note: Cinderella's not in a cage), but that she may wake up one day with fewer options. Instead, let's teach girls to be bold, be creative and not to settle for being Cinderella - reach for the stars!

In my Flawless series I strive to reshape gender norms by refusing to apologize for femininity, recognizing that pretty isn't weak.