Wine Label for Imagery Estate Winery

Last year I was invited to create a label for Imagery Estate Winery's prestigious Artist Label Program.

 C. Rasmussen |  Floating Away  | 2017 | oil on canvas. For Imagery's 2016 Teroldego wine. 

C. Rasmussen | Floating Away | 2017 | oil on canvas. For Imagery's 2016 Teroldego wine. 

This winery began in the 1980s as a collaboration between a wine maker, Joe Benzinger, and an artist, Bob Nugent.  They agreed that as Joe experimented with rare and innovative blends, Bob would create beautiful and interesting labels. Soon, Bob began selecting other artists to participate, and over the past 30 years he curated a collection including artist from all of the world.  

The artists are given free range, with the exception that they have to include the Parthenon structure somewhere on the label. Often this becomes a game, connoisseurs in the know searching to locate the hidden building. Read the history here

Bob Nugent retired recently, and the new curator, Kara Lynae, is now beginning a collection in which my painting will be featured. The winery has a gallery where they display the original works for wine tasters to enjoy at their leisure. 

My painting was selected to adorn the 2016 Teroldego, which will be released in fall 2018. Keep an eye out for updates!

Open House @ Chalk Hill Artist Residency

Three of my paintings will be featured at Chalk Hill Artist Residency's Holiday Party & Open House this Sunday December 10, 1-4PM. Address and directions here

CHAR Holiday Party- Open Studio 2017.jpg

This is where I did my painting retreat in September - see my photo album of this gorgeous locale. *Note: I am unable to attend, but the event is free and open to the public. Art will be available for sale. 

Upcoming Show: Wishlist 5 @ Gabba Gallery

Dropped off my paintings today for Wishlist 5 @ Gabba Gallery, opening November 18, 2017. Contact gallery for all sales info (including pre-sales). this is a cash-and-carry show so work is sold off the wall and taken home at time of purchase. 


Feature in Apéro International Fine Art Catalogue

Hurray! My painting, Beyond, was selected to be featured in Apéro International Fine Art Catalogue's November 2017 issue, Reflection.

  Click here  to view a PDF of my pages.

Click here to view a PDF of my pages.


This dramatic and lyrical piece, stretches past the paint itself, moving from observation into the abstract. Rasmussen emphatically delivers this visual flux, in a deliberate and striking way. Everything appears fully composed, yet unfurling. The revelation uncoiling before the eyes is one that states, the origin of this work lies somewhere beyond the obvious.
— E.E. Jacks

C. Rasmussen | Beyond | 2017 | oil on canvas | 24 x 30 inches | $1300

Click here to view or download the full catalog. Contact me if you are interested in purchasing this painting (available at time of posting). 

 Cover of the  November issue  of Apéro Catalogue.

Cover of the November issue of Apéro Catalogue.

Chalk Hill Artist Residency: photo essay

In September, I spent 3 blissful weeks in wine country on my first artist residency (aka, painting retreat).

The only thing one can give an artist is leisure in which to work. To give an artist leisure is actually to take part in his creation.
— Ezra Pound

The Chalk Hill Artist Residency is on the Warnecke Ranch, 81 acres of land on the Russian River, growing several varietals of grapes for various winemakers in the region. I lived in an 1890s farmhouse - filled with art books! - and painted in a former goat barn, converted into a large studio. 

I kept a sketchbook, and rediscovered the immediacy of watercolors, which I haven't used in years. It was fun to do quick sketches inspired by the beautiful locale and wonderful September light. As you can see, I was still able to find buildings to paint, despite being in a rural setting:) 

Maybe I am not very human. What I wanted to do was to paint sunlight on the side of a house.
— Edward Hopper

It was liberating to be completely on my own schedule: painting, sleeping, hiking, eating (I really enjoyed all the fresh fruits and vegetables from the local farmers markets!) whenever I wanted to, and being (mostly) disconnected from the internet and the world.

I went through the whole gamut of weather - from record-breaking heat (so glad to have the Russian River handy to go jump into!), to chilly rain and gloomy clouds, to crisp morning air and golden autumnal light. This culminated in the first leaf of fall (or so I like to think), right on the fall solstice! 

I can tell that the light and colors of this beautiful place affected the light and colors in my new oil paintings - to good effect, I think! I'm delighted to have had this wonderful opportunity. 

*NOTE: My residency ended just a couple weeks before the fires devastated the region. Luckily, everyone at the residency, the property & animals are all safe. See my list of donation resources here. 

Keystone Fall 2017 Open Studios: event photos

Thank you to everyone who came out to the Keystone Open Studios on Saturday! 

 C. Rasmussen in her studio, October 2017.  Photo credit: Mark Christopher Harvey.

C. Rasmussen in her studio, October 2017. Photo credit: Mark Christopher Harvey.

Various photos from the event (note: click thumbnail to view full image): 

Photo credits: myself, Ricardo Singer, Jason Villena & Kate Carvellas. 

The group show in the gallery, featuring one piece from every Keystone artist, continues through November 4. Come check it out! Gallery hours are Mon-Sat, 12-5PM. 

Photo credit: Toshee Art

Resources for Disaster Relief

Bad things do happen in the world, like war, natural disasters, disease. But out of those situations always arise stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things.
— Daryn Kagan
  Chalk Hill Artist Residency , where I spent most of September, was thankfully spared from the fires. 

Chalk Hill Artist Residency, where I spent most of September, was thankfully spared from the fires. 

The series of natural disasters hitting our hemisphere over the last couple of months have been emotionally devastating, even for those of us not directly affected. The Tubbs Fire in Sonoma County hit closer to home as it's the very area where I did my residency in September, and I know people affected both by the flames and the smoke. While I feel too far away and small to make a difference, I am donating 10% of my October sales to disaster relief, specifically to Redwood Empire Food Bank (Tubbs Fire) and Vieques Love (Hurricane Maria).

In case you haven't had time or are too overwhelmed to do research, I've compiled a list of places you can donate to. The immediate danger may have passed, but these communities are still very much in need. Most of these places are requesting MONEY DONATIONS rather than supplies, as this gives them flexibility to figure out need and logistics. For volunteer opportunities, be sure to contact the agency prior to showing up, to make sure they have a need you can fulfill.

    You can’t make yourself responsible for every bad thing happening in the world...But the ones that do hit you — if it’s the Virgin Islands, Mexico, the families in Las Vegas — let that manifest action.
    — Lin Manuel-Miranda


    • SF Gate has a good list here:


    • PBS has good list on here (scroll down):
    • GoFundMe hub:


    • Undies for Everyone:

    Up Next: Open Studios @ Keystone Art Space

    I am so excited to invite you over to my new studio at Keystone Art Space on Saturday, Oct. 21 (6-10PM). Address: 338 S. Ave 16, LA, CA 90031. I'm in Studio B14.

     C. Rasmussen. Left image: detail from "She Was Just a Dream." Middle image: photo credit -  Louise Flores Photography . Right image: detail from "Upon."

    C. Rasmussen. Left image: detail from "She Was Just a Dream." Middle image: photo credit - Louise Flores Photography. Right image: detail from "Upon."

    Come see where the magic happens! Over 40 studio spaces will be open to the public one-night only - a unique opportunity to meet the artists and to purchase their artwork directly. In addition, Keystone Gallery will feature a group show of all the studio artists. 

    Join the Facebook event for more info and teasers from participating artists.  

    Meet the Artist: Creative Collaboration

    I was honored to be one of 10 artists included in this show at the Pacific Club in Newport Beach, curated by Jeannie Denholm of Southern California Art Projects & Exhibits (SCAPE).

     Booth with 5 of my new paintings at the Pacific Club, Newport Beach. Oct. 5, 2017. 

    Booth with 5 of my new paintings at the Pacific Club, Newport Beach. Oct. 5, 2017. 

    Co-hosted by the Pacific Art Foundation and SCAPE, this show paired five emerging artists with an established artist mentor.  My mentor is the fabulous painter Bradford J. Salamon (pictured below).  

     Pictured with my mentor,   Bradford J. Salamon  (right).

    Pictured with my mentor,  Bradford J. Salamon (right).