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Christine Rasmussen is a professional artist with a Bachelor of Arts from the University of California, Berkeley in Art Practice and Peace & Conflict Studies. A global nomad now based in Los Angeles, she has exhibited in California, Texas and Vietnam. Recent achievements include a solo show at Launch LA, a feature on the TV show Modern Art Blitz, a Chalk Hill Artist Residency and being selected for the prestigious Artist Label Program at Imagery Estate Winery. Her work features in private collections across the world and the Hilbert Museum of California Art.


As a painter I investigate the in-between, depicting timeless and familiar spaces in oils.

Anonymous architectural structures are contrasted with dramatic floating fabrics. I distort space, light, and distance to create a dreamlike, almost cinematic environment. The disembodied garments capture our attention with the remains of an extraordinary presence. We are drawn into the scene, but left wondering what is going on outside of the frame. We are left wanting just a little bit more.

My work is influenced by my nomadic past, the colors and patterns of my international youth, and the striking California light of my adulthood.

Artistic influences are Edward Hopper, Richard Diebenkorn and Bosnian painter Safet Zec and photographer Sinziana Velicescu. I'm also inspired by the words and storytelling of writers like Maya Angelou, Neil Gaiman, Barbara Kingsolver and Sandra Cisneros; I paint to capture how their words make me feel.

“Painting has one foot in architecture, one foot in the dream.”

                                                            — Roberto Matta

“Painting places us. ”

— Squeak Carnwath